Own a piece of this historic commemoration while supporting our efforts to remember the return of America’s World War I fallen! ยป Order now!

This exclusive, high-quality commemorative challenge coin is 1.75 inches in diameter and features two-toned silver and gold antiqued metals and sculpted details.

The front depicts our HOMECOMING ’21 logo, with a sculpted Statue of Liberty welcoming home our World War I fallen, represented by the gold star shining from her torch. She looks out over a folded flag, stylized to represent the waves of the Atlantic, with the red and white stripes representing the final legs of each returnee’s journey to their final resting place.

The reverse depicts the USAT Wheaton, which brought back the 5,100 service members honored at the national welcome home ceremony on May 23, 1921. She is steaming through a representation of a Gold Star service flag, representing the banners hung in windows by families who lost loved ones during the war. The service flag is flanked by the tricolors of the French and Belgian flags, home countries of the ports through which the remains of tens of thousands of repatriated American war dead were returned.

Coins are currently in production, and will be shipped to pre-order purchasers as soon as we receive them in the second or third week of May. Proceeds from coin sales will help cover the costs of organizing this commemoration (wreaths, web hosting, video production, licenses and permits, etc.)

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