This database lists the burial sites of the 5,100 fallen service members who returned aboard the USAT Wheaton after World War I.

In most cases, an actual grave site in a cemetery is available. In others, we have so far only found the location and state to which the returnees remains were sent. We will continue to update this database over the next few weeks.

We invite you to find a Wheaton returnee buried near you to visit — or to help us locate the missing graves! You can also use our Map. We are also working on finding the gravesite of all 44,000 WWI returnees… contact us to learn how you can join the effort!

9 Burials in Green-Wood Cemetery
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500 5th Avenue

Brooklyn, New York (Kings County (Brooklyn))


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Ankelmann, Rudolph D.

AKA: Ankelman

Private • Company H, 307th. Infantry

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Bothwell, Harold Ewing

Second Lieutenant • Company K, 306th Infantry

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Cutting, Robert Bayard

Secretary • YMCA

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Folliart, James

Private • Company B, 307th Infantry

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Koehler, Clarence Henry

Private First Class • Company C, 305th Infantry

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Kostenbader, Charles John

Private • Company B, 166th Infantry

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Lieneck, Paul George

Corporal • Company H, 307th Infantry

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Settle, Jack L.

Sergeant • Headquarters Company 302nd Amn. Train

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Sherman, Peretz J.

AKA: Meral

Private • Company K, 308th Infantry

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