• A Doughboy and His Landmark Final Resting Place
    One of the poignant parts of the Homecoming 21 project is seeing the photos of the actual gravestones and markers of the Americans who were brought home from cemeteries in Belgium and France 100 years ago. In Medford, Massachusetts, is a federal gravestone in a peaceful spot. Visitors to Antioch […]
  • 11 Nurses Who Died in WWI Brought Home to U.S. Together
    Today is National Nurses Day and also a sad link to WWI history. While the nation salutes those brave professionals on the front lines of our healthcare during the pandemic, it is also the perfect day to remember the nurses who went before them. Exactly 100 years ago today aboard […]
  • Brought Home to Missouri
    A forgotten chapter of the return of a Missouri soldier is brought to life by rare photos from the 1921 burial.
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    Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers — led by our Gold Star mothers — we have so far processed 90% of the 5,100+ Wheaton returnees and have located about 80% of the gravesites! Visit our list of burials (or check out our map) to find one near you!
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