HOMECOMING ‘21 commemorates the return of America’s World War I dead to their families, 100 years ago.

This remembrance spotlights the Centennial of the official homecoming ceremony on May 23, 1921, attended by President Warren G. Harding. At this event, over 5,000 fallen Americans were honored in New York Harbor, before they continued on to their final resting places around the country. » More on the story

The commemoration will feature:

  • Creation of a list and map of final resting places for the 5,000+ returnees who were honored at the Presidential welcome ceremony.
  • Centennial events on May 23, 2021 in New York Harbor (Hoboken, NJ and New York City) marking the anniversary of the ceremony, as well as symbolic ceremonies around the U.S. — and overseas!
  • Local tributes and ceremonies around the country at the grave sites of the 5,000+ returnees.

The overall goal of this initiative is not only to remember the sacrifice of the World War I generation and their families, but to bring Americans together around our shared history of service and loss.

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