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15 Facebook Live Best Practices to Boost Views & Engagement

Shy on camera? No problem! Follow these 15 Facebook Live best practices to get maximum views, engagement, and leads from your live videos.

15 Quick Tips To Increase Audience Attendance & Engagement on Your Live Videos

TRAINING TOPIC: 15 Quick Tips To Increase Audience Attendance & Engagement on Your Live Videos


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Here’s the TRUTH. (Real Talk.)

If you want to build A Following. A tribe. A community of Super Fans for your coaching business.

(I’m talking about the people online who are your WARM or HOT leads.)

Then you have to be going LIVE on video (for free!) once a week doing things like….

✅ TEACHING about your niche topic
✅ Showing up as an EXPERT on your niche.
✅ Hot seat coaching on your niche

And WHY is it important to build this following of warm/hot leads who attend & engage in your live videos?

Because THESE are the people who will eventually move to book a discovery call with you.

Not only that… once on the discovery call… it will be a very NATURAL conversation… because they already view you as an expert. They already know, like, and trust you from attending your live sessions.

But, HERE is where coaches struggle.

“Betty… I show up LIVE on video just like you said each week…. But WHY is no one attending my live videos? And WHY is no one engaging in them? It feels like I’m wasting my time.”

You’re NOT.

You just have to TWEAK the way you are doing things.

Join me in today’s FB Live Training, “15 Quick Tips To Increase Audience Attendance & Engagement on Your Live Videos.”

We’ll cover…
�� How to expertly MARKET your upcoming live videos so your ideal client avatars are chomping at the bit to attend!
�� How to get people to actually ENGAGE while you are live!
�� How to come up with TOPICS that your audience cannot WAIT to sink their teeth into
�� How to translate these lives into discovery calls

Instagram’s Algorithm CHANGED! �� The Latest 2023 Instagram Algorithm Explained (2023 Update)

This video covers the latest Instagram algorithm update for 2023. If you want to know how the Instagram algorithm works so you can get more organic followers on instagram, get more views on instagram or go viral on Instagram more often this video is for you. By the end of it you’ll know exactly how the new instagram algorithm works for 2023.

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Twice a month FB Live Strategy to Boost Group Engagement & Launch to Sales

You’ll learn my twice a month strategy to go live inside my Facebook group to make sales, even if you’re busy with client work or working full time!

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How to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2023

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If you’re wondering how you can increase your Facebook engagement in 2023, then you’re in luck! We’re going over Facebook algorithm tips that will help you improve your Facebook business page, increase Facebook engagement, and broaden your Facebook organic reach.


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It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.

But what isn’t so clear is how to actually use Facebook to increase your engagement.

So today I am going to give you 7 Facebook algorithm hacks to increase your engagement.

Video Outline

Intro (00:00)
Boost Your Content (1:27)
Create Engage-Worthy Content (3:10)
Get People Talking (4:21)
Interact With Your Followers (5:50)
Avoid Fishing for Engagement (6:31)
Post More Often (7:04)
Post Native Content & Keep People on Facebook (7:45)

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