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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a True 'Ultimate Guide'

Here’s how to create a true ultimate guide – the right way – in order to attract more organic traffic and get readers raving about your content.

The DEFINITIVE Guide to Setting up a BANDSAW

In this video, I show you how to set up your bandsaw for optimum performance. I’ll take you through everything from blade selection to tensioning, tracking, bearing adjustment and fence alignment to get your bandsaw performing as it should do!

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My name is Matt Estlea and I’m a Woodworker from Basingstoke, England. My aim is to make your woodworking less s***.

I come from 5 years of TRAINING at Rycotewood Furniture Centre in Oxford, 5 years of experience WORKING at Axminster Tools and Machinery in Basingstoke, and 3 years TEACHING both day classes and evening classes at Rycotewood Furniture Centre. All while trying to get this YouTube thing off the ground.

By September 2021, I packed it all in to focus on YouTube and my business full-time.

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How to Build a 3D Printer (The Ultimate Guide)

Dr. D-Flo’s Web 3D Printer Guide:
3D Printer Components from OpenBuilds (Paid Link):
Dr. D-Flo’s Instagram:

Supplies & Equipment:
Common tools and supplies:

Welcome to the one stop guide for designing and building a 3D printer from open sourced parts. The 3D printer is the ultimate DIYer’s tool to quickly make his or her idea a reality. All the concepts and parts that go into building a 3D printer can be overwhelming. Dr. D-Flo breaks down the fundamentals behind fused filament fabrication (FFF) into bite size and digestible topics, including linear rail, carriages, stepper motors, extruders, stepper drivers, control boards, and more. Dr. D-Flo’s tips will help you choose the correct parts that fit your custom design.

For further exploration, visit my dedicated “How to build a 3D Printer” webpage ( and while you’re there, continue the conversation on my forum ( Special thanks to Stephen and his design of the Zidex printer ( which inspired this video and was a great teaching tool.

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How to Build Zidex:
Best DIY 3D Printer Designs:
Top Commercial 3D Printer Designs:

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Preview
04:33 – Linear Rail
07:57 – Linear Rods
11:45 – Carriages
15:21 – Transmission
28:22 – Stepper Motors
42:32 – 3D Printer Assembly
54:15 – Extruder
1:05:32 – Print Bed
1:10:02 – Limit Switches
1:17:16 – Motherboards
1:23:47 – Stepper Drivers
1:30:24 – Microstepping
1:36:29 – Power Supply
1:39:30 – Wiring
1:46:28 – Firmwares
2:00:51 – Calibration
2:12:59 – Dual Extrusion

ARK SURVIVAL The Best Guide on Breeding Stat Mutations SeeShellGaming

MeShell plays Ark Survival Evolved. In this video I show you the basics of breeding and how to stack stat mutations together in a thorough guide. I show you how to breed super mutated dinos in Ark using a T-Rex. #playARK #ARK #ARKSURVIVALEVOLVED #ArkMutations #BreedingRexes #BossRexes

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Step 1 Pick Your Dino: (00:00:00)
Step 2 Tame/Pick Your Stats That You Want To Breed: (00:01:36)
Step 3 Getting A Base Pair: (00:05:00)
Step 4 Starting A Chain: (00:15:49)
Step 5 Getting A Female In Your Chain/Convert Female To Male: (00:28:37)
Step 6 Finishing A Chain: (01:24:10)
Step 7 Correct Final Chains: (01:37:50)
Step 8 Combining Final Stats (01:44:25)
Step 9 Final Combination: (01:51:20)
Step 10 Testing: (1:54:58)

Stable diffusion tutorial. ULTIMATE guide – everything you need to know!

In this tutorial I’ll go through everything to get you started with #stablediffusion from installation to finished image. We’ll talk about txt2img, img2img, prompting, sampling methods, inpainting, upscalers and more! Start using stable diffusion today and forget about midjourney and dalle2.

Make sure you install Python 3.10.x like 3.10.7. This will NOT work with Python 3.11

Model 1.4 is replaced by 1.5.
Model 1.5:
Model 2.1:

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ChatGPT explained QUICKLY!

The Rise of AI Art: A Creative Revolution

Ultimate Animation guide in Stable diffusion

Dreambooth tutorial for Stable diffusion

5 tricks you’re not using

Avoid these 7 mistakes

How to fix live render preview:

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Installation
5:05 Running Stable diffusion
6:31 Prompting
9:01 Sampling methods
11:20 Running Stable diffusion
20:23 Img2img
24:33 Inpainting
31:41 Upscalers
32:48 Closing words