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Digital Nomad Life: From In-House SEO to Remote Business Owner

Becoming a digital nomad is very feasible and can be highly profitable. Here's how I went from in-house SEO to remote business owner.

No Fixed Address: Digital nomad with real work/life balance

For a lot of us, work/life balance seems like a pipe dream, especially if you run your own business. But for entrepreneur and digital nomad Amanda Cordner it’s a reality.

Amanda’s partner is a pilot, and is frequently posted in different locations around Australia. When he was sent to Broome, she realised that she needed to make her career mobile. With 10 years experience in senior marketing roles, she decided to start Sea Salt Marketing, her own digital marketing company that would allow her to work from anywhere.

Amanda says that running her own digital business means that she only has to work 4-5 hours a day, making her far more efficient than she would be in an office. She says she can fit into one work day what she once would have fit into a week. And with that efficiency in work, she has much more time to do things that she actually enjoys — besides work.

“Living a digital nomadic lifestyle is the epitome of having work/life balance,” she says.

Amanda also insists that when you live a nomadic life, there are certain essentials that you learn along the way to maintain your wellbeing. She says staying in a routine is vital, like doing exercise each morning or eating the same breakfast.

This video was created as part of our series, No Fixed Address, where we show you the people who have ditched the mortgage, rent and utility bills, and taken their life on the road. You’ll see travellers from all walks of life, choosing to live with no fixed address, and enjoying all that travelling has to offer.

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You NEED to Become a DIGITAL NOMAD in 2023.. Here’s Why!

I have been living this digital nomad lifestyle for the last 2 years and realized that it’s really important for you to become a digital nomad in 2023 well! There are many benefits to being a digital nomad or expat and I’ll explain why some of those are so crucial now!

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Asking Digital Nomads what they do for money

What would be your dream remote work location?

15 Easiest Countries to Live in for Remote Worker (Digital nomads)

Lifestyle of a remote worker or digital nomad is pretty enticing and many people strive for it, because one can choose to work from anywhere in the world. The only thing required for a successful digital nomads is connectivity and they can move their camp when they fancy a change of scenery. In this video we have mentioned some of the best & easiest countries to move to for remote workers. All of these countries are unique in their own way some offer low cost of living while others offer easier path to visas for Digital nomads which also help them avoid tax problems while working remotely. However, Keep in mind, Each of these countries offers different types of visas for digital nomads. For example, some of these countries might require you to provide a portfolio and credible samples of work. While in others, you’ll need to match the proof of income and savings for a specific visa.
Nonetheless, here are 15 Easiest countries to live in for Digital nomads.


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