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Left Brain vs. Right Brain: How I Exercise Creativity in a Numbers-Focused Industry I am a Woman in SEO: How I Create My Own Seat at the Table

Left Brain vs. Right Brain: How I Exercise Creativity in a Numbers-Focused Industry

Is there room for creativity in a numbers-focused industry such as SEO? YES! Here's how I've pushed myself to achieve left/right brain balance.


Left Brain vs Right Brain I How to activate your right brain (creative side) I Speed Reading Hacks

Dear friends, happy to share ninth session of Speed Reading Hacks Series

In this session you will learn a simple & yet powerful hack to improve your comprehension.

It is easy to practise & yet has significant impact in activating your right side (creative & visual aspect) of the brain which in-turn helps to improve your focus & comprehension.

So what are you waiting for!

Join in & take your speed reading to the next level.

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No, You’re Not Left-Brained or Right-Brained

Everyone has heard of the idea that some of us are “left-brained”, meaning more analytical or mathematical in thinking, while some of us are “right-brained”, meaning we are more creative or artistic. Here’s the thing: It’s rubbish! The brain is much more complex than that, so let’s go over the reasons why this isn’t true, and then talk a little bit about how this myth may have come about.

This clip features special guest Joel Frohlich of Knowing Neurons! Be sure to check out more of his work:

Oh and that bit about the 10% of your brain myth? More on that here:

Script by Joel Frohlich.

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A Right Brain Workout to Fuel Your Creativity

How about we give the right sides of our brains a workout with this simple creative exercise?

One Brush, One Color, One Paper

Try not to clutter it up with too many tools or colors because that can distract the flow with choices. The idea is to stretch the possibilities with what’s right in front of you.

Save your exercise papers because you can add to them later for other creative projects, or cut down into smaller pieces and stitch into pamphlet books: use as wrapping paper; mixed media/collage work; etc…..Nothing Goes to Waste!

And, as with any exercise, the more we do, the more creatively fit we become.