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10 Questions to Ask When Onboarding a New SEO Content Client

Do you have the info you need to create great SEO content for your clients? Work through this SEO client onboarding process to inform your content strategy.

The Right Questions to Ask to Your Clients to Get to Know Them

What secrets are your clients keeping? What is it they’re not telling you? And how can you find out?

The more questions you ask, the more you’ll learn.

And the more you learn, the more ways you’ll discover to help your client solve their problems. And, of course, the more problems you solve, well, the easier it’s going to be to grow client revenue and retention.

You’ll also earn your place as a trusted advisor and a strategic partner.

Don’t waste your client’s time asking the obvious or, you know, something you could learn on your own with a little quality time with Google.

So let’s start with a little bit of research on things like your client’s industry. What does your client do? Who are their competitors? What’s going on in their market? Is it booming? Is it under pressure? Are there any political, economic, social or technological trends emerging that might impact their industry? Now, what about your client’s organization? Things like their culture, their value proposition, who their customers are. And don’t forget to find out about the decision-making process. You know, who signs the contracts? Who has budgets and who has influence

At the end of your research, you are going to have a lot of information, all about the challenges and, of course, the opportunities that your client is facing.

But look, it’s all theoretical at this point. It’s just on paper. So our next step is to get in front of our client and ask questions that leverage what you’ve learned to discover their unmet needs. You know, hot issues, competitive advantages and personal impact. Inquiring minds want to know.

Remember to listen – sounds obvious – but too often as account managers we jump into solution mode before we’ve fully explored the problem. Every client’s problems are unique, and you owe it to them and to yourself to listen and be fully engaged so you truly understand what’s going on before you start making recommendations about what to do. Now, here are some tips to actively listen and not just wait for your turn to talk.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Start with research
00:52 Industry research
01:05 Company research
01:20 Research your main point of contact
01:46 Research supplier management
01:58 Research how and why your client uses your solution
02:11 Ask the right questions
02:41 Educational questions
03:03 Lock-on questions
03:24 Impact questions
03:44 Expansion questions
03:58 Comparison questions
04:13 Vision questions
06:12 Active listening
06:57 Tips for more effective listening
08:22 Conclusion

Warwick Brown
Founder | Account Manager Tips

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Questions To Ask During An SEO Kick Off

Important questions to ask during the SEO Kick-off meeting.

Whenever you start working with a new client, the engagement usually begins with a kick off meeting or workshop.

Aside from the introductions & discussing the scope of work, this is the perfect time to ask questions and collect important information you might need in order to put together a high performing SEO strategy, aligned to business and marketing goals.

Great questioning in the SEO kick off also helps you learn what has and hasn’t worked in the past and what can be improved.

At the same time it will also ensure both the SEO team and the client are on the same page in terms of next steps and expectations.

A lot can be asked during the kick off, but for the purposes of this video, Head of SEO, Ishita Sehdev shares a list of critical questions that can be added to any existing kick-off meeting.

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The best QUESTIONS to ask potential CLIENTS (close better projects)

Asking better questions is the key to closing more sales with better clients. You can then decide if you are a good match for working together. In this video, Matt presents 7 questions he likes to ask before taking on new clients.

00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Tell me about your business?
02:20 – How are things done at present?
03:04 – How did your last design experience go?
04:40 – How will customers find you?
05:56 – By working with me, what’s the problem you’re trying to solve?
06:53 – If we were having this discussion 3 years from today…
08:08 – What’s the deadline and when would you be ready to start?
09:50 – Next steps

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Web design client questionnaire: what to ask before you start designing

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